Best Way to Cook Rice

 Cooking rice has never been that hard as it is very fun to start as well as to finish. Before we start the preparation of that kind of rice I want to teach you, let's talk about why rice is essential for our health. Rice contains carbohydrate and this gives us energy to do work and as well as facing the day in full strength.

Ingredents -


Grandnut oil





Below are the following procedure for cooking jollof rice.

1. Put some water in the pot on fire and allow it to boil.

2. Check your rice for some dirt and remove them straight away.

3. When your water start boiling, wash the rice, filter away the dirty water and put your rice inside the pot of boiling water.

4. Wait for your rice to per boil, when the rice start getting white you know it has per boiled.

5. At this point, bring your rice down from the fire and wash again with your filter.

6. Keep it some where after filtering away the water.

7. Now, put your pot in the fire and allow it to dry, then pour your grandnut oil inside the pot.

8. Wait for a while and then put small salt on the oil.

9. After that put in your meat and fish, the allow to fry.

10. When they (meat and fish) are fried, remove them from the pot and put your sliced onions on the pot of grandnut oil. 

11. When the onions is fried, put in your tomatoes and peppers which grinded and allow to dry out the water while frying

12. After sometime, your tomatoes is dried of water. Now add you satchet or tin tomatoes to the frying tomatoes.

13. Keep turning to avoid burning the stew.

15. After sometime, pour crayfish inside the stew and keep turning.

16. In no time your stew is ready to be used for jollof rice, so remove half of the stew and put it on a plate, while the other stays frying. Pour enough water on the stew which remains in the pot to finish the boiling process of the rice.

17. Now pour your per boiled rice inside the pot, turn to dissolve with the stew, add two Maggi cubes and salt (taste it while adding any quantity of salt or Maggi cubes so as not to add too much of it) Leave and allow to dry. 

18. After a while, your rice dries water from the top, check if it's done to eat, if not fully cooked, add water to cover the top again to allow the rice to be fully cooked.

19. After sometime, check your rice and see it's fully cooked. Now, you spread the remaining stew at the top of the rice and also spread your meat. Now wait for your food to dry up water.

20. Congratulations, your food is ready to be served. Make sure you eat it with a ripe banana or a cup of juice.

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