How To Tell If A Wound Is Healing Or Infected.


Wounds are known to be injuries which break the skin or other body tissues. They may include scratches, cuts, scrapes and even punctured skin.

Wounds occur due to accident. Example of wounds which are accidental are burns, abrasions, skin tear. They may also occur due to diseases e.g diabetic and vascular ulcers.

Telling if a wound is healing or infected is very easy. But first of all, I will like to categorize wounds. It has two categories:

- acute
- chronic

While acute wounds may quickly pass through the healing stages e.g wounded knee, chronic wounds are quite different and takes longer time to heal or may or may heal up and later reoccur as a result of its association with underlying chronic diseases that affect the blood supply or how the cell function at the given wound site, hence it may take longer time to exit wounds.

Now answering your question to knowing how to tell if a wound is healing or infected, after the initial discharge of some pus and blood, the wounds should be clear. But if the discharge continues through the healing process and also begins to smell bad or start having decoloration, it is probably a sign of infection.

In conclusion, you should care for your wound and avoid doing things that will make it infected, for tips on how to care for your wound, click here.