Is Fish Meat?

 Yes, fish is meat, this is because meat is the flesh of an animal that is eaten and fish also is the flesh of an animal that lives in the aquatic habitat and their flesh is eaten which makes it a meat as well, just that people prefer to call it fish even when it is prepared, while others prefer calling it white meat as it is different from meat of other animals such as cow and goat.

Some people prefer fish to meat because of its health benefits. Apart from it's protein contents, fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which may help reduce the risk of fatal heart attack. Below are the nutrients contained in fish.


- energy

- protein

- fats

- cholesterol

- vitamin B

- phosphorus

- selenium

- omega-3 


It is essential that we eat fish because it contains major nutrients needed to face the day healthy, fit and can elongated our lives. I love to eat fish as I prefer it to meat. For more information on fish, check here.