Why Rice is Loved By Many.

 Rice is a kind of food that is eaten by many countries of the world today. People love eating Rice and some people prefer to eat rice as white with stew and meats to follow it up or in the form of jellof and chicken to follow it up.

Are you looking for a good and refreshing meal and don't know what to eat? Or at you hungry and want to eat something different and new? I think what you need to try is a good food cooked in a palatable way known as Rice.

Rice contains carbohydrate and it has fibre and everyone loves it as it is eaten on ceremonies and parties.
Many people may have different opinions as to where rice originated from, but as to my findings, Rice originated from China.
Rice is an interesting food and as it is loved by many, other people prefer to eat it on special days such as ceremonial days, Sundays etc. As for me, I love eating Rice as well.

Some countries that produce Rice are:


These countries also eat Rice and the love cooking it but in their different ways and according to how it fits their cultural standards.

In conclusion, Rice is a very interesting food and no matter where you are in the world, it will be nice for you to give it a go - try to eat rice today and enjoy it's awesome taste. View other foods by clicking here. And if you want to learn how to cook rice, click here.