Following year and a half of record deals, Australia's driving craftsman cheddar retailer, Cheese Therapy, is growing to dispatch another online commercial center depicted just like the 'Etsy' for food. 

Cheddar Therapy has 1,000,000 store visits a year and has encountered 2,400 percent development in online deals. 

Prime supporters Sam Penny and Helen Shadforth, said Cheese Therapy ended up being a life saver for cheesemakers and presently we're utilizing our experience, foundation, and promoting mastery to dispatch another online food objective, Artisans Bend. 

Craftsmans Bend will authoritatively dispatch in September while in excess of 70 craftsman makers have as of now requested to come locally available. 

"We are so eager to dispatch this new online group for all Australian rustic and local food, wine, espresso, fixings, and craftsman makers," Mr Penny said. 

Cheddar Therapy had 23.4X development in deals income for FY20 and FY21. The online connoisseur hamper business saved Milawa Cheese Co after the bushfires and proceeded to help a further 17 cheesemakers during the pandemic, including Apostle Whey Cheese, which recorded 52% deals development last monetary year. 

"During last year's pandemic, Cheese Therapy sold two years of cheddar in one month, likening to 2,400 percent deals development," Mr Penny said. 

Cheddar Therapy is cooperating with Melbourne-based worldwide innovation organization, Marketplacer to convey the new stage. 

"Cheddar Therapy is a family run business, and we know most craftsman makers are little mum and father organizations, so Artisans Bend is a way for us to assist with tutoring them and discover a business opportunity for their items," Mr Penny said. 

Marketplacer Co-Founder Sam Salter said: We're excited to be a piece of the Cheese Therapy venture in supporting their central goal to see Australia's customary producers, regularly from little fire and pandemic-affected networks, executing with Australia's cheddar darlings in the one commercial center. 



Kristina Kucan lost her ten-year development work during last year's pandemic and started making sourdough lavosh saltines in her kitchen as a leisure activity. Cheddar Therapy made a store network for Kristina, who presently claims her own private venture. 

Silver Tongue Foods' lavosh saltines are supplied in 130 retail locations and Kristina hopes to sell 12,000 wafers per month by Christmas. 

Messenger WHEY CHEESE 

Julian and Dianne Bensen had recently battled to sell their Apostle Whey Cheeses past their basement entryway in Victoria. In the wake of seeing a report about Cheese Therapy, they connected with Sam and Cheese Therapy has been selling their cheeses from that point forward. 

Their produce is currently sold all over Australia. Deals development last monetary year was up 52%. 


Tarago River Cheese has totally changed its business methodology in the wake of losing the entirety of their carrier contracts just as a lot of food administration deals because of COVID-19. 

Subsequent to banding together with Cheese Therapy, interest for Tarago River Cheese has risen eight percent, permitting them to build their item range.